Andrew Goode – Lighting Cameraman

I have been a lighting cameraman for three decades and have gained a wealth of experience along the way. Despite the rapid rate of change of video formats and equipment, I have embraced new technology and techniques to offer state of the art filming and lighting.


Based in the south of England, I own and operate full HD cameras and the latest LED lighting in addition to tracking and jibbing equipment. There isn’t much I haven’t pointed a camera at: my work ranges from live broadcast television, through medical filming to wildlife and industrial video. I feel I have a very rounded and grounded approach to filming based upon my experience and still get a big thrill from seeing my work back on the monitor.


Having worked in the broadcast, industrial and commercial sectors, I can bring an experienced eye to a production.


Greenscreen is a popular tool for interviews and I have all the gear in-house to do a simple head and shoulders interview to a full length standing presentation.







We even green screened a horse in a studio for a commercial for a vet’s practice. You can see the results in my Green Screen showreel.








To keep the camera on the move I have a jib to give smooth elevating and lowering shots which are ideal for establishing shots or longer pieces to camera.











For tracking shots the ladder dolly is ideal: fast to rig, silent and you can use the ladder to clean your windows afterwards!












For 4K acquisition, shallow depth of field and slow motion, I have a Panasonic GH4. This completes all the kit needed for a complete filming package.


I also edit if you want an end to end solution and call upon a talented team of voiceover artists and graphics specialists to finalise the production.