Jibbing, Tracking & GoPro

September 1, 2014 at 2:30 pm

The use of the jib or crane can really add a sense of a Hollywood to a production. It’s great for a dramatic intro or simply as an establishing shot to set the scene and describe the environment.



Often a small amount of movement can add interest to a long running shot and prevent the viewer from losing interest.


P1080962At its full length the jib can reach around 12 feet and give sweeping panoramic shots. It was used here to give a high shot on this retracting roof canopy in Holland.

In this example, a set was built at the location and the clients products were filmed in situ, using the jib to move over the car parts.



Stannah Set 2Stannah Stairlifts used the fluid motion to show how their products glide smoothly up and down. These shots were taken in a purpose built set which was entirely lit using my own lighting kit.









For tracking shots we use the so called ‘ladder dolly…’ as the name suggests it’s a dolly on a ladder and gives great shots, is completely silent and it only takes a few minutes to rig. We have various lengths of ladder to give longer or shorter tracking shots as needed.







Landrover frame grab for JIB, TRACK & GOPRO blogFor amazing angles and point of view shots the ubiquitous GoPro can’t be beaten. Being waterproof also helps. Here a two camera shoot is performed from the dashboard of the Landrover to great effect.