Examples of my most recent work for websites and broadcast

I am very proud to have produced a wide variety of website films and commercials in the recent months. Some using a ‘documentary style’ approach and some filmed using a ‘pop-up’ green screen studio for both website films and video blogging.


All films were shot and edited by myself and I also contributed to their content and scripts. At the heart of the films is my promise to deliver an effective message, at a very competitive price and without compromising on quality.


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  • Oil Spill Response Ltd, Boeing 727 Tersus System (Feb 17)
    - Oil Spill Response Ltd, have just launched the world's first jet based oil dispersant platform,the Tersus system. This film explains how the service and aircraft would respond and function to help deal with an incident anywhere in the world.
  • ‘Mercy’ shoot, behind the scenes, short edit (Jan 2017)
    - A behind the scenes film I made for TNT Films on the shooting of a scene for a film entitled ‘Mercy’ at Reigate Fort in Surrey.
  • ‘Mercy’ shoot, behind the scenes, full film (Jan 2017)
    - A behind the scenes film I made for TNT Films on the shooting of a scene for a film entitled ‘Mercy’ at Reigate Fort in Surrey.
  • 25 Years of the Hampshire Cross Training (XT) Event
    - To celebrate 25 years of this ultra fit competition, I filmed the set up and event and delivered a working version within 5 hrs. With a few tweaks and refinements, this is the finished version.
  • Benfield Fire – Digital Firefighting Training
    - Benfield Fire use a mix of 'Digital Firefighting Training' and conventional fire extinguishers to give their clients the best training possible, to comply with fire safety law. This film uses a mixture of green screen and location footage to explain the concept and show how it works.
  • Tim Green – Brain Tumour Research
    - Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer... yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. Tim Green is the Community Fund Raising Manager for the charity Brain Tumour Research and in this short video, he explains the goals of the charity, some fund raising options and how the money raised is spent on research.
  • Business Builders Networking Group
    - This video for the home page of the most active independent networking group on the South Coast is compromised solely of interviews and vox pops to create the narrative flow. Feedback has been excellent and the hardest thing about the edit was knowing what to leave out, as all the contributions were excellent. You can see how the website video works on the Business Builders homepage at http://www.businessbuildersfareham.co.uk/ VideoScribe graphics pose the questions to the vox pops and add a level of simple, yet effective graphics.
  • 4Networking meeting at Port Solent, Portsmouth to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 4N
    - 4Networking celebrated its tenth anniversary with a number of larger and longer meetings around the UK on 16th February. As a regular attendee of the Port Solent group, I was proud to film an edit this short film to help mark the occasion. All the narrative was derived from interviews and vox pops and the finished film was online by 5pm the same day and very well received by all.
  • David Morris – Mixed Martial Arts and Personal Training
    - My second film for Karate and Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, David Morris. This film looks at the various disciplines encompassed by his local schools and the benefits to the students. It also looks at the one-to-one personal training on offer and how it can sharpen the business mind as well as fitness and self defence.
  • Little Brook House – Residential Care Home in Warsash
    - A private residential care home for up to 20 elderly people with full membership to the Hampshire Care Association. Little Brook House has a high reputation for providing quality residential care in Southampton and surrounding areas. This film shows the facilities available to residents and the very personal care taken by all the highly trained staff. A testimonial from a relative confirms the care and attention that her mother receives in the home and the massive improvement in her health and wellbeing.
  • Sam Burdekin – The Word’s Out Marketing
    - This is a simple yet effective 2 minute video (shot using my pop up Greenscreen studio) where Sam Burdekin from The Word’s Out Marketing outlines her offering to clients and the benefits of modern marketing. Simple bullet point graphics re-inforce the message. The clip was shot in one take using my autocue and Greenscreen set-up.


  • 1. Eden Verandas TV Commercial
    - I directed and edited this film shot in May this year for BRTV. The commercial used a drone for the high shots and my tracking dolly and jib for the ground based shots. We were very lucky with a fantastically sunny and hot day and a couple of actors who were happy to spend all their time sipping cool drinks in the veranda!
  • 2. National Showcaves Centre for Wales
    - Short ads to shown on Sky TV as part of their AdSmart campaign to targeted audiences. We used both the jib and tracking dolly in subterranean caverns. Battery powered LED lights were used to light the shots.

Documentary style website films

  • 3. Dave Morris – Kyudokan Karate – October 2015
    - Dave Morris has been practising Karate for over 40 years and teaching professionally for over 20 years. His particular discipline is 'Go Juryu' (Hard/Soft) which is the original Karate. His collection of clubs is known as the 'Kyudokan' and in this short video you get to meet some of his team of dedicated instructors and the students who attend the classes. Dave was filmed in my 'pop-up Greenscreen' location studio, to provide the narrative to the film and then his interview was illustrated with shots of his classes and testimonials form his instructors and students.
  • 4. Mithril’s Classic Cars – Jaguar E Type 4.2 – August 2015
    - Mithril's own Chris Taylor waxes lyrical about their E Type Jaguar, which he describes as 'achingly beautiful'. In this 5 minute film you can discover more about the car, it's features and how it simply blew way the competition when it was launched in the early 1960's. This film was shot using a mixture of hand held camera, ladder dolly and my jib to give sweeping shots over the E Type. Mithril shot the on-board video using their own GoPro and I integrated the footage into the finished video.
  • 5. Boutique Village opening – July 10 2015
    - A unique collection of traders and entrepreneurs housed in an industrial building in Millbrook, Southampton. This film introduces the concept as well as documenting the official opening by the Mayor of Southampton. David Vane is on the marketing team for the project: “Andrew is competent and thoroughly professional and was extremely helpful when making our video.”
  • 6. Eastleigh Rotary Dragon Boat Race – August 9 2015
    - The inaugural Dragon Boat race held at Eastleigh Lakeside and organised by the Rotary Club. GoPro cameras on the boats show the fun of the race and vox pops with the organisers and competitors tell the story. Club President, Mike Smith said this about the video: "Hi Andy, the video is superb, I have had many comments from friends etc on how good it is. Thank you so much. Mike"
  • 7. Netley Garage
    - A short film showcasing the garage, its employees and services offered. The narrative is provided by the owner Andy Wilds and features testimonials from its customers. He was very happy with the results: "We gave Andrew a ‘blank sheet’ and he sorted all the filming, editing and music. It was very easy and the results speak for themselves."
  • 8. The Business Conversationalist
    - Simon Whitbread explains how great conversations can really help your business by drawing upon his prior work experience. Shot in a local studio and on location in coffee shops!
  • 9. Stannah Stairlifts
    - ‘Stargazer Television Commercial - Behind the Scenes’ Find out how Stannah made their most recent TV commercial in their own studio in Andover. Interviews with the Director, Producer and clients tell the story.

Green Screen website films

The use of green screen allows the insertion of graphics, PowerPoint and information as well as a variety of backgrounds to suit the message. Each film shows a different use of the medium. Autocue can be used to ensure the veracity of the message, either as a full script or bullet points as needed.

  • 10. Peter Clarke, PPG Proofreading
    - Peter’s web video is a mix of him presenting to camera with autocue and also Videoscribe ‘hand drawn’ graphics to illustrate his proposition. It also has two testimonials from very happy customers to reinforce his offering. Peter very kindly gave the following testimonial: “Andy has done a superb job on my website video. He’s extremely patient. He knows what he’s looking for and what will make a good end result and therefore doesn’t mind how many times it takes to get it right.”
  • 11. Absolute Tennis: Meet the Coach – Martin Terrill
    - A short and light film giving the background to Martin Terrill’s approach to Tennis Coaching and the background to his business. Martin recently passed me this feedback on his website and the videos for him and his assistant coach: I thought you would be pleased to know I had a parent today who said the following, ''Can I just say how impressed I am by your website. The videos are amazing and I got to know you both before I had even met you both''
  • 12. Marla Blinds Franchise
    - A two minute film using the clients images to illustrate a franchise opportunity for domestic and commercial blinds and shutters. Presented by Martin Froud, the Managing Director of Marla Blinds
  • 13. David Vane: Social Media Overview
    - A 14 minute review of the brief history of Social Media and a view on current and future trends. David appears in front of his PowerPoint slides to help make his points. No autocue was used, David used his PowerPoint slides for reference.
  • 14. Paul Booth: Operational Synergy
    - In this four minute film, Paul talks through his extensive background in business and the services he offers to help other businesses in all areas. His propositions are backed up with the use of three testimonials shot on location.

‘Video Blogging for websites, LinkedIn, Twitter etc’

I have had a lot of enquiries from business people wanting a high quality, but low cost video blogging solution. By operating a ‘pop-up’ green screen studio with autocue in a central location (in these cases Eastleigh) I can shoot many presentations in a day for a fixed low cost, including editing and uploading to YouTube or Vimeo etc.

  • 15. Simon Whitbread: The Business Conversationalist: Good Marketing
    - In under one minute Simon, presents his thoughts on the essence of good marketing, delivered without autocue in one take!
  • 16. Gavin Meikle: The Presentation Doctor
    - Gavin introduces his online course that teaches you how to deliver great elevator pitches for presentations and meetings. Shot in one continuous take, using autocue for a word perfect delivery. Bullet points re-inforce the key messages. Gavin had this to say: ''I have now used Andrew Goode's pop-up green screen studio twice to produce 'talking head' videos for my website. On both occasions I was delighted with the end result and have already recommended Andrew to members of my business network.''

Crowd Funding Videos

I have recently been involved with a couple of videos in support of Crowd Funding applications. I wrote both scripts using material and ideas from the clients and all the pieces to camera were shot using my autocue and Greenscreen facilities.

  • 17. The Garden Pod, Crowd Funding Video
    - Tim and Tony Campbell wanted a video to illustrate their concept for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in confined spaces, specifically on balconies in high rise apartments. With no prototype available to film, I commissioned my ‘Graphics Guru’, Mark Breakwell to generate a CGI version of the product. This was to show how it would be used on a small balcony to fully illustrate the way in which the product would take advantage of the space available and be flexible and modular. The crowd funding campaign goes live in the Spring of 2016
  • 18. ‘Digger Mole’ Children’s Stories Crowd Funding Video
    - Children’s books author Alan Scouse introduces the ‘Mole in the Forrest’ series of books featuring a family of moles who live below ground but come out on many exciting and fun loving journeys. Digger is a clever and lovable Mole. He lives with his family, Molly his wife Melanie, Dapper & Dinky his youngsters in the New Forest. The books are aimed at 2 - 6 year olds the Moles visit real places and are a 5 minute read, ideal for bedtime. The video is designed to raise the books profile and attract backing to allow more books to be written and promoted and enhance the brand.